Partnership Process

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We have a methodology that is seen as a guide that allows us to analyze and measure where and how we are evolving during the partnership negotiation process.

Understand Each Step of Our Process

We have the right methods for your company to develop your product or service in the international market.

Internal evaluation of the project /Opportunity Analysis (Data Collection)

  • What is the product/service?

  • Target Audience?

  • Differentials?

  • Positioning in the active markets?

  • Does the product have Scalability?

  • The main objective of the future Partner?

  • Compliance process

Business Model Presentation

  • Our business model consists of a partnership relationship with our clients, with a medium- to long-term vision, we seek to develop the business of our partners in the target market, with a highly qualified and committed structure with results.

  • Our strategic partnerships also participate in the result generated by the business, thus creating a greater engagement of the players in the target market.

Contractual Phase

Product and Service Analysis

Current Market X Target Market

  • Analysis of scenarios and trends in the target market

  • Technical and legal feasibility study of products

  • Analysis of micro and macro variables in the target market

  • Purchase process in the current market X in the target market

  • Positioning in the current market X in the target market

  • Market mapping and statistical data


  • Since the signing of the Agreement, we will be measuring the Time-to-Market of the brand/product, as it is also in our extreme interest to streamline the strategy implementation process by generating sales.

  • Not only the Account Manager but also the Company Director will be present at the beginning of operations in the target market, seeking to diagnose any nonconformity and boost the results.

  • We know that problems and mistakes happen in most cases. To avoid setbacks, we have advisers who have more than 30 years of experience in several areas such as Finance, Pharmaceutical, Legal and Retail, that support decision making in key moments.

In this phase we elaborate the contract between the parties, defining:

  • Powers the Representative in the Target Market

  • How the Representative will develop Sales and Branding in the Target Market

  • Definition of the responsibilities and roles of each of the parties involved

  • Parties obligations

  • Milestones

  • Signature of the parties

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