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The top challenges that at least one in three cannabis business face are target market laws, compliance, and scalability/growth.

Our Differentials

> We have a proper understanding of the most important elements of medicinal cannabis market, making it easy to contribute at the highest level;

> Renowned Team with high credibility in the market;

> Strategic Partnerships;

> International Connections.

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New Markets Advisory

We have a proper understanding of the most important elements of medical cannabis market, making it easy to contribute at the highest level. 

Market Opportunities

The Regulation on Latin America has been developing differently, and countries have been positioning themselves with different strategies. Understand these strategies, and the world of Cannabis, is important for any company that wants to offer their services and products in this new ecosystem.

There are many opportunities in the Medical Cannabis market and we understand the pre-existing demand for product, services, and advice.

Cannabis Regulation

XLR8 Brazil developed a deep knowledge in terms of regulation in the country. One of our partners participate directly on the RDC 17/2015, allowing patients import Cannabis Products to Brazil for medical purpose.

We understand the importance to be in compliance with our regulation and with our clients regulation, compliance is a never-ending concern! In addition, the cannabis market changes very fast we keep our eyes open to be on top of these changes. We are very serious about business.

Business Development

We make studies and compliance study to analyse the feasibility to implement your product or service in Brazil, designing strategic sales, pre-agreements with important stakeholders, and on the marketing level promoting and positioning the brand in the target market with different initiatives. Partnerships with hospitals in Brazil and Labs to develop clinical programs and cases studies.


One of the most relevant milestones that we achieved was to complete the first cannabis export from Canada to Brazil. A pioneer transaction that also marked first-ever cannabis import to Brazil.

Furthermore, we have our own projects in the market but all projects still on terms of confidentiality.

Customer Service

Good customer service is so important in this industry because word of mouth can influence your outcomes, in some worst cases destroy your business.


If people like your service, they will recommend it to their friends, family, and co-workers.We have the structure and experience to offer good customer service to your business.


Great customer data that allow us to explore and increase the sales on the B2C market. Our principle is always exceeding your customer's expectations.

Cannabis Education

XLR8 Brazil is part of a group with the most renowned professionals in Brazil and abroad, our main goal is disseminate the cultural of Medical Cannabis and the business opportunities behind this incredible plant.

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