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The top challenges that at least one in three cannabis business face are target market laws, compliance, and scalability/growth.

Our Differentials

> We have a proper understanding of the most important elements of medicinal cannabis market, making it easy to contribute at the highest level;

> Renowned Team with high credibility in the market;

> Strategic Partnerships;

> International Connections.

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Cannabis Regulation


Strategic Partnership

XLR8 BRAZIL signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of MedReleaf products (Canadian company focused on the Medical Cannabis market).


XLR8 BRAZIL invited and brought the former director of Anvisa to be part of the team in Brazil.

Date: 2016

Anvisa in Canada

XLR8 BRAZIL invited and accompanied Anvisa technicians to visit our client's facilities in Toronto - Canada. In order to show how MedReleaf operated and provide a better explanation of the cultivation method, extraction process, and product traceability.

Date: 2017

XLR8 BRAZIL was responsible for structuring MedReleaf's first international export. The operation took place between the two countries (Brazil and Canada). Strengthening the company's international positioning.

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